Wine Tasting & Education

Wine Tasting & Education

per person $25 for six and more

Our Wine Tasting and Education service provides an immersive experience into the world of wines. You will be invited to explore and discover the intricacies of wine tasting, including how to swirl, smell, and zip to fully appreciate the flavors and taste of the wine.

With our service, you will be introduced to the world of wine and learn about different grape varieties, regions, and production methods. We are proud to serve King Frosch Wines, which are known for being "All Natural" with the lowest levels of histamines and sulfites. Many of our customers report that they do not experience headaches when enjoying King Frosch Wines.

We have wines to suit every palate, whether you prefer red or white, sweet or dry. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the tasting, providing you with information on the wines you are enjoying and answering any questions you may have. Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or a novice, our Wine Tasting and Education service is an enjoyable and educational experience that you won't want to miss.


Our wine tasting and education service is available for $35 per person. However, for groups larger than six people, the rate is discounted to $25 per person. Thank you for asking for clarification!

Experience the Best of Wine Tasting

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